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Homeless man croc attack

November 03 2012
Something UK rough sleepers don’t have to cope with...

British cities can be as dangerous as any for the rough sleeper, but at least the wild animals in the UK are limited to pigeons and the occasional vicious dog.

Last month, police in Mexico reported that a homeless man was attacked by a crocodile that bit off his right hand in the popular tourist resort of Cancun.

Alejandro Lopez, 27, was walking through a mangrove swamp when he was bitten by the croc. Police discovered him and took him to a local hospital for emergency surgery.

More than seven million people a year visit Cancun, one of the fastest growing cities in Latin America, and its increasing popularity has been bringing more and more people into contact with its huge crocodile population.

Despite hundreds of signs pinned to the trees surrounding its swamps and lakes, there have been several reports of attacks in recent years. In 2009, a 23-year-old Irish tourist nearly lost his left arm after taking a drunken swim in the lagoon.

Not long afterwards, a young man from Texas was also severely wounded after attempting to relieve himself into the swamp – and onto the back of an unsuspecting croc.