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February 04 2013
Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice


Since 2011, The Pavement has been bringing you updates on the extraordinary Ted Williams – the man with the ‘golden voice’(Another chance for man with the golden voice, Golden voice of NBA),

Williams hit headlines around the world when he was filmed by a local journalist in Detroit, USA, asking for change at a roadside intersection.

Cold and unshaven, in exchange for a few coins Williams improvised a few seconds of a radio advertisement in a jaw-dropping professional baritone. The video clip went viral and soon Williams found himself interviewed on national television, and receiving offers of voiceover jobs from everything from Kraft Cheese to the National Basketball Association.

His sudden rise to fame hit an equally sudden low, however, when Williams was reported to be drinking alcohol heavily, and was sent to rehab by US daytime TV show host Dr Phil. It seemed like the end to a classic case of 15 minutes of fame.

But two years on, Williams’ story looks like having a positive ending. He is still employed in TV voiceovers – including the Kraft Cheese job – and has been reconciled with his mother, from whom he had been estranged for years.

He has been sober for six months, and says he draws inspiration from the homeless people in his hometown that he continues to help. “They really look at me with admiration,” he says. “They say, ‘God, if you can do it – I can do it. And so I think, if I fail, what is that person going to do?”