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US veterans save businessman from brutal robbery

February 04 2013
“Everybody out there is somebody’s mother, father, brother, sister,” says homeless hero


A homeless man and another who was recently homeless are being hailed as heroes after putting a stop to a robbery in Cincinnati, USA.

The pair spotted 54-year-old Gary Wagner being attacked at a cashpoint when they stepped in. One man chased the perpetrator down while the other stayed with the shaken victim.

Both men have been confirmed as Vietnam veterans and say they did not know each other before the encounter which happened shortly after Christmas in Evanston.

David Hale, 46, who recently got off the streets, said in a video posted on the internet: “I understand that there is a bad perception of homeless people in the community... but we’re people, too, just like everybody else.

“The reason we helped is that we hoped someone would do the same for us if we were in the same situation. Everybody out there is somebody’s mother, father, brother, sister - somebody’s family member.”

Chad McClain, who ran after the suspect, is living at a shelter in the area.

Police have praised the actions of the two men, saying that it was “a perfect example of what can happen when the citizens and police work in partnership”.

“I think it was a courageous and unselfish act,” Cincinnati police Capt Gary Lee added in a statement to the press.

Wagner, a pawnshop owner, has said that he would like to do something to thank the pair.

The 45-year-old suspect, Louis Stevenson, was being held Thursday on $250,000 bond in Hamilton County Jail on charges of robbery and obstruction.