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Suspended coffee

May 19 2013
Has somebody left you a pick-me-up? Have you left one for somebody else?


British coffee lovers are adopting a new practice called suspended coffee, where they offer to buy a second cup of coffee for someone to claim at a later date.

The caffe sospeso (suspended coffee) tradition began in the cafés of Naples, whereby someone feeling lucky, rich or positive would buy an extra coffee for anyone using the same café who was feeling the opposite. This tradition has now been formalised as a small movement, with participating coffee shops displaying the suspend coffees sign (pictured). In some cases it might be that the suspended coffees are held for a local organisation, but usually you’ll be welcomed if you go in and politely ask for a suspended coffee, specifying whether its an Americano, latte, macchiato or any other variation on a cup of joe.

If you find yourself short and need a cup, just ask.

Of course, if you find yourself feeling flush, you too can buy a suspended coffee.