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StreetLink – the story so far

May 19 2013
One “positive outcome” for every 10 calls from the public to rough sleeper alert scheme


Almost 5,000 reports have been made to local services since the launch this year of the new StreetLink scheme.

The scheme, run by Homeless Link, lets members of the public ring local services to let them know if someone is sleeping rough.

However, only 1,500 of the reports resulted in what StreetLink calls a “positive outcome” for rough sleepers, suggesting there may still be difficulties connecting people with services. There have been 15,000 calls made so far, which led to 4,600 reports to local services. So, there has been one “positive outcome” for every 10 calls made by the public.

When a member of the public makes a report StreetLink passes the information on to a contact provided by the local council and then follows up the report to see what happened.

A StreetlLink spokesman said the organisation would only call the local council or local services to deal with reports, never the police.