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Funding cuts hit homeless charities

June 27 2013
1,800 beds and 58 accommodation projects lost in 2012

Government cuts have hit the funding of almost half of all projects aimed at helping homeless people, according to research published by Homeless Link at the end of April.

The study found that during 2012, 58 accommodation projects closed in the UK, with the loss of 1,811 beds for rough sleepers.

There has also been a decrease in the number of services offering targeted support to help people with the most complex problems – leading to an increasing number of services that do not feel equipped to help individuals who, because of the multiple issues they face, require the highest level of support.

Of the services whose funding was cut, 22 per cent said it had affected their ability to move people into long-term accommodation, while 18 per cent said it had impacted on getting people into employment. More than half believe that cuts are resulting in increased rough sleeping and antisocial behaviour.