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Kansas tunnel city evicted

June 28 2013
Underground homes extended under the city, say local police

Kansas City Police have evicted a series of hole-dwellers after their underground homes, which extended beneath the city, were discovered.

The authorities have cleared the area and closed the holes, which were home to many people including children and babies. The local police said the people were “living in squalor, with piles of garbage and dirty diapers left around wooded areas”, reports said.

Kansas City policeman Jason Cooley told one paper that officers found a series of winding underground tunnels after a recent crime spree had led them to the area. “One of the tunnels probably went 20 to 25 feet underground towards the back and veered off in another direction about six feet or so,” he told the Kansas City Star. Another tunnel network was discovered nearby.

Residents of both were told they needed to vacate the premises, and a ministry organisation was on-site to assist any homeless people with shelter needs.