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November 05 2013
An American reader points out the unequal treatment of homeless people under the law


In July and August of 2013, I interviewed 35 homeless and formerly homeless individuals in Nashville, Tennessee. Virtually every one said they have been harassed, cited and arrested multiple times for trespassing, often when not acting any differently than non-homeless persons who were not arrested. At taxpayer expense, city leaders have removed some public benches and installed other benches with bars so homeless people can't lie down. The homeless say there is literally nowhere for them to go, sit, walk, drink water or go to the bathroom without fear of being arrested for trespassing. The homeless situation in Nashville is much worse than city leaders claim. Last year alone, over 30 homeless citizens died in the Nashville area, including a man who froze to death on a downtown church's steps. And, that is over thirty American citizens too many.

Richard Aberdeen, Freedom Tracks, Tennessee


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