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Hostels open up to the young

August 31 2014
Sheltered housing and disused hostels to be converted under a new DoH-funded scheme

Sheltered housing schemes and disused hostels are to be converted into accommodation for young homeless people as part of a new scheme to be funded by the Department of Health.

The new plans, which have been funded to the tune of £41.5m, according to Inside Housing, will fund the Platform for Life programme. It will award capital funding to housing associations, councils and private sector developers that bid to convert unsuitable sheltered housing, commercial premises such as disused hotels, or family hostels into homelessness accommodation.

The second share of the £41.5m will go to a new round of the Homelessness Change hostel upgrade scheme and will focus on improving young people’s health.

Citizens Advice data in January revealed the number of homeless 17–24-year-olds who required its help increased by 57 per cent to 4,529 between 2007/08 and 2012/13.