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Soldiers on the street

May 18 2009
A plea for help for returning servicemen and women Dear Editor, Further to your article on the Prince's visit (see issue 21): From the beginning of time, kings and nations have worried about "soldiers returning from war" and recognised a need for care. Indeed, kings gave the men land to pacify them. These men - and today women - have learned to maintain themselves under 'extreme' circumstance. What would they do in a cotton-woolled society, if they became angry? The lack of care this government (society) gives to these unsettled people is to be condemned and results in all manner of loss to the community. It should not be forgotten that many of today's volunteers are the youth, who already grew up disadvantaged, and or suffered borderline family experiences, which they sought to escape. Many, already married, were so maimed by their daily death experiences that they no longer are able to settle, back into the loving husband-father role. Where is the caring Socialist claiming politician when this returning human needs them most? Joe By email Dear Joe, You've voiced a common concern for the plight of old soldiers; thankfully the Ex-Service Fellowship Centre exists to offer help. Editor