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Austerity? Greeks think again

April 07 2015
The “humanitarian crisis” bill gained widespread strong support

The Greek parliament has given the thumbs-up to supporting its poorest citizens with food subsidies, free electricity and housing allowances for thousands struggling during the country’s harsh economic crisis – despite having nearly run out of money.

The “humanitarian crisis” bill aimed at helping the poorest people in Greece was put forward by the country’s new left-wing government, but got strong support from across the board.

Prime minister Alexis Tsipras was voted in earlier this year based on his party’s anti-austerity policies.

However, the move have severely ruffled feathers at the EU Commission, which insists Greece must run new policies by it first.

The move came as Germany warned that time was “tight” for debt-wracked Greece, though Tsipras is hoping for a breakthrough in talks on Geece’s debt in an upcoming summit in Brussels.