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Police target day centre guests

May 04 2015
Glasgow charity complains about harrassment

A Glasgow homeless charity has claimed that police continue to harrass its guests outside a city-based day centre.

In March, the Marie Trust, which runs homelessness services in the city centre, complained to Police Scotland after two of its regular guests were stopped and search seemingly without cause outside its doors.

However despite apologies from the police and widespread condemnation of the practice, the Marie Trust’s chief executive Sandy Farquarson says the harrassment is continuing.

“It is becoming very clear that Police Scotland are targeting the most vulnerable people, especially in the area around our building,” he wrote on his blog last month.

“A current example of this practice was the moving on of five of our clients who were standing in a queue awaiting the opening of the centre at 10.00am so they could have breakfast in the café in the centre. I therefore rest my case."