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Birthday wishes!

September 10 2015
© Ken Pyne: I'm celebrating the Pavement's 10th birthday! © Ken Pyne: I'm celebrating the Pavement's 10th birthday!
We've made it into double figures, and our readers and colleagues are helping to celebrate that.

Irving Welsh, readers and homeless charities send a bit love our way.

“Congratulations to the Pavement magazine on its 10-year anniversary. Obviously, such celebrations are always bittersweet. The paradox is that nobody working on such magazines wants them to exist, and that they do says a lot about the very worst and best about our species as human beings. For all the great work they’ve done, I’m hoping (for all the right reasons) that they aren’t around for a 20th anniversary.” Irvine Welsh, author

“If you don’t know about the Pavement, you are missing the chance to change your life.” Glasgow reader

"The Pavement occupies a unique and vital role in that it speaks directly to people experiencing homelessness in a format that is both accessible and unpatronising. Happy 10th birthday, and long may you continue!" Rick Henderson, CEO, Homeless Link

“For the last 10 years, the Pavement has provided a vital voice for those people who are experiencing homelessness first-hand. Just a brilliant publication, and happy birthday.” Campbell Robb, CEO, Shelter

"Essential reading if you find yourself in a tricky situation: it was invaluable to me when I needed it most. The List provided me with a chance to hook into services and solutions, including a few sage words and a joke to boot. A mighty achievement for a little booklet. Many happy returns." Gordon Chaston, reader

The Pavement is brilliant and it’s astonishing that the organisation is only 10 years old, since it has already established itself as an important part of the whole homeless sector. It fulfils such a vital service in giving people who have experienced homelessness not only a voice but valuable information in an increasing number of cities around the UK.” Matt Peacock MBE, CEO, Streetwise Opera

“Speaking from the experiences of Caritas Anchor House’s homeless residents who read the Pavement, it is a magazine that tailors its articles to a homeless audience and has been a real lifeline to our residents and other homeless people who are so often excluded from the mainstream media. I wish the Pavement every success for the next 10 years.” Keith Fernett, CEO, Caritas Anchor House

The Pavement consistently provides illuminating and challenging insights into homelessness issues and has always been committed to giving homeless people themselves a voice. We don’t always agree, but that’s not the point. The Pavement provides us with a fresh, idiosyncratic and stimulating opinion, and for that we should all be grateful.” Jeremy Swain, CEO, Thames Reach

The Pavement is a much-needed resource, providing essential information and guidance for people who find themselves homeless. We congratulate all those who work to produce the Pavement and wish everyone well for another 10 years and more.” John Rodgers, director of operations, Bethany Christian Trust

“Ten years on, there’s good news and bad news. The good news? The Pavement is still with us. The bad? The Pavement is still with us. Keep on doing what you do so brilliantly!” Sheila Scott, CEO, Shelter From The Storm

The Pavement is a trail-blazing publication. Their model of news from the street for people on the street, written by volunteers with a real connection, helps people to engage with support and solutions that they might otherwise have struggled to find.” Stephen Robertson, CEO, The Big Issue Foundation

The Pavement’s brilliantly targeted and informative journalism has proved invaluable to homeless readers, and we have often relied on them to spread the word about our work. I am delighted to see them celebrating 10 years.” Marie Benton, CEO, Choir with No Name

“Congratulations to the Pavement for 10 years’ sterling work. I have been a supporter from the outset and know what an important niche you fill. You share Veteran’s Aid’s vision of restoring dignity and providing practical help to those in need. While I regret that the need is there, I’m delighted by your success.’ Dr Hugh Milroy, CEO, Veterans Aid

The Pavement is more than just a vital source of information; at its heart has been 10 years of incisive journalism giving a voice to people who are too often silent or ignored.’ Jon Sparkes, CEO, Crisis

"The Pavement helps the UK’s most vulnerable people to survive by providing impartial and relevant information on the range of services available to them. We wish them another successful decade!” Joanna Kennedy, CEO, Zacchaeus 2000 Trust

“I commend to your attention this magazine and its achievement in communicating hope, reliance, and courage to those who have lost everything, and yet from whom we have all this to learn. Pavement, I salute you, and your next 10 years.” Christoph Warrack, CEO Open Cinema

"Passage clients view the Pavement as a vital source of information, with well written and thought-provoking articles on the issues that really matter to those on the streets." Mick Clarke, CEO, The Passage