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Homelessness rises in Bristol

July 26 2016
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Charity founder suggests building more houses and dealing with empty properties

Homelessness charity ‘Keep Bristol Warm’ has called for more effort to be put into preventing homelessness as the number of people sleeping rough continue to rise.

The number of people actually registered as homeless sat at a tiny total of eight in the year 2010, but increased to 97 in 2015.

This only includes people who have actually registered as homeless – a process that can be complicated – meaning the actual numbers of homeless people in Bristol could be higher.

The charity’s founder, Gavyn Emery, says that one of the best solutions to homelessness is simply to increase the number of affordable homes in Bristol.

Currently 550 of Bristol Council’s properties are sitting empty.

“If they’re empty we aren’t earning any rent on them, we aren’t earning any council tax on them and we are also paying for people to be in temporary accommodation,” Emery said to City Metric. “Financially, it’s just madness.”