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Meet the team

February 01 2017

'From the Ground Up’ aims to teach journalism skills to people with first-hand experience of homelessness. Meet our team, who bring you experience and honesty in spades...

Since September last year, the Pavement magazine and homeless charity Groundswell have been running 'From the Ground Up’, which aims to teach journalism skills to people with first-hand experience of homelessness. Their articles focus on some of the numerous problems faced by people who’ve been marginalised by homelessness.

We’ve recorded a podcast, done interviews and written articles. We're also holding our first Action Day to highlight the issue of ‘dual diagnosis’ and campaign for change in the way addicts with mental health issues are treated. We’re report on that in our next issue. Meanwhile, meet our team, who bring you experience and honesty in spades.

John Doran
"I’m very interested in media how the media works. I attended Morley College on journalism and this project seemed like perfect way to progress. My experience of homelessness tells me that the mainstream media do not represent the homeless situation accurately. The whole experience of working on this project has been rewarding."

Jeremy Hayden
"I got involved with the project 'From the Ground Up' because I wanted to be a part of something that I felt passionately about. I thought I could make a positive contribution here. I’ve been around homelessness as a professional and a service user so I have a fair insight into some of the issues that arise." (Focus: Round in circles)

Focus: round in circles

Stephan Morrison
"Having been homeless myself, I was interested in participating in a project where my own life experiences could positively benefit others. When an opportunity to join 'From the Ground Up' came along, I immediately put my name forward. It seemed like a perfect platform to work from... so far, I have been proven right." (Veteran issue)

Mahesh Pherwani
"Working in tandem with support of influential London organisation Groundswell as well as the Pavement magazine is an unbelievable opportunity. The bonus is that I’m working with group of gifted, insightful, kind, peer-journalists, who have same aim: to raise people’s awareness of the debilitating, heart-breaking issues of homelessness."

Julz Watt
"I’m from London and was homeless for many years until five years ago. This made me aware of the need for change. The 'From the Ground Up' project interested me as it aims to highlight current homeless issues and hopefully find solutions." (Squatters fight back)