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Rise in child homelessness

February 05 2017
Alasdair Codona outside the Scottish Parliament Alasdair Codona outside the Scottish Parliament

A homeless charity claim new figures that reveal the number of Scottish children living in temporary accommodation has increased, show the problem is “far from fixed.”

Homeless stats released by the Scottish Government show homeless applications have dropped by three per cent in the last year. Some 17,100 applications were made from April to September 2017.

But Shelter Scotland say the figures also show the number of children living in temporary accommodation has risen by 17 per cent to 826. Overall, there were 10,570 households in temporary accommodation as of 30 September 2016 – an increase of 97 households from 2015.

The charity said the figures were “deeply worrying” and the Scottish Government admitted that the rise was “disappointing. The stats were released just weeks after homeless man Alasdair Codona, who was starving himself to death outside the Scottish Parliament in December, finally agreed to break his fast. He ended his 24-day strike after the Scottish housing minister vowed to introduce a “statutory right” for people to declare themselves homeless.