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'Safe Space' for Sydney

April 19 2017
Camp offers 24/7 access to free food and shelter

Lanz Priestly, a community-driven homeless man, has set up a new 'safe space' encampment for rough sleepers just metres from the Reserve Bank of Australia and the New South Wales state parliament building.

The camp is situated in the heart of Australia's financial district, and offers 24/7 access to free food and shelter.

The self-directed project is filling gaps where the government have failed to deal with Australia's growing homelessness numbers.

Recent economic growth in the mining industry has caused house prices to soar, meaning Melbourne and Sydney now rank 2nd and 10th on a global list of 'Least Affordable Housing'.

Priestly said: "People have the basic human right to feel safe. I think the support services (in Sydney) aren't even in the library when it comes to rough-sleeper safety."