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The Sleep (less) Rough bed tested

September 26 2009
Guinea pigs give feedback on Tom Goodfellow‘s award-winning collapsible bed In issue 10 we reported on Tom Goodfellow's award-winning design, the Sleep (less) Rough bed - a collapsible bed, for use on the street. His ambition is to make these affordable so that they can be distributed across cities and be used by those bedding down. To this end two prototype beds have been tested, and the results are given here. We'll report on the further development of the beds, and when we can hope to see them in production. Here are one guinea pig's comments on the bed: "It's a pretty comfortable bed, and if used with a sleeping bag, will keep you warm at night. "I did find it a little cumbersome to set up every night, but the benefits over other ground material are large. Not only did it insulate me as it was designed to, but it also prevented any[thing] jabbing in my back [such as] stones and awkward shapes. "Another benefit I found was the fact that it kept my sleeping bag off the ground when wet, so stopped any soaking from water seeping into my area. "On a down side, it did make me feel conspicuous, and people kept asking me where I'd got it from. I also felt unsafe leaving it untended. This won't matter though if more people have got them. "I found it useful."