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July 24 2018
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Some things you know about feet and tents, and some you don't...

Q: Make my feet hurt less

Things you already know:

Keep your feet dry. Wet socks, wet shoes and rubber footwear lead to problems. Care for blisters, pumice calluses, trim long nails and go to a GP if you have a wound, fungal nail or skin infections.

Bruce: Tea tree oil can be used anytime to disinfect, and clear odours from feet, plus it helps wet, blistered feet heal.

McGinlay: Pamper your feet. Add salt and essential oils then soak in warm water. In summer get shoes or sandals that let your feet breathe.

Jill: When you shower, use a pumice stone to file hard skin from your feet. Find out what chiropody and podiatrist services are available via the NHS.

Katie: has clinics round the country, a Facebook page and hopes to become a charity soon. Idea from Cardboard Citizens: Former soldier Ian Northcott knew about trench foot, so in 2010 he set up to encourage Birmingham supermarket shoppers to donate new socks (and chocolates) to people who are homeless.

Collect Socks for the Street: (on Facebook) was set up by an 11-year-old who has been collecting socks and underwear at Scottish festivals. Collect your new pair from Bethany Christian Trust in Edinburgh.


Using a tent?

1. Find an out-of-the-way place.
2. Put up at dusk then take down early.
3. Join a tent community.
4. No need for guy ropes if you use a pop-up, stay out of the wind and use possessions as ballast.
5. Stay warm by sleeping on layers (eg, flattened cardboard boxes).
6. Never bring a cooling BBQ into a tent. Leave it outside.


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"How much should I tell a hospital about my homeless situation?"

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