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Cameron\'s in the pod

September 25 2009
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Conservative leader David Cameron tests sleep pods Conservative leader David Cameron recently visited Lorica St Patrick's Trust (formerly the St Patrick's Trust) in Brighton, to see and test a series of sleep pods, and to announce his support for charities and non-profit organizations. The charity has launched the sleep pods, covered in The Pavement (issue 16), as an alternative to typical hostel accommodation which, the trust says, offers little privacy or security. As a result of their demonstrations, the trust has already bought six sleep pods, at £3,000 each. Mr Cameron said he was "impressed" by the pods, and pledged to help more charitable organisations reach their goals. St Patrick's shelter came close to shutting two years ago, when Brighton Hove City Council couldn't fund it adequately. Mr Cameron said he did not have "a magic wand" that could ensure places such as St Patrick's had a secure financial future, but said he wanted to see them trusted more and given more authority and ability to make their own decisions.