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May 01 2019

Knowing you need help can be part of recovery. Interviews by Caroline Fairgrieve

Knowing you need help can be part of recovery. Interviews by Caroline Fairgrieve

In recovery from mental health issues

He took an overdose and had a breakdown. He’d been living in Glasgow a short time and felt he was struggling on the streets. He was assessed by a mental health team and Police Scotland. Melvyn feels he is in recovery with new schizophrenia medication and has a one-way ticket to see his family in England. See p10.

In recovery from alcohol and has mental health problems

Went downhill when family members died, and it was the final straw when her best friend was diagnosed with cancer. After 16 years she fell off the wagon and went back to drinking, but woke up and decided she wanted her life back. Friends and her doctor helped her through it. “Sharing my story helped me recover.” See p20.

Living on the streets to escape violence and alcohol

David had swapped drugs for drink, but his old drug mates beat him up when he stopped his friend buying heroin. The kindness of a stranger showed David that he could fight back, and now he is getting stronger. At Christmas, a stranger left him a sleeping bag, thermals and a rucksack. “Don't give up.” See p18.

Alcoholic in recovery

George says it was a wake-up call when his Dad (also with a drink problem) died, as it feels nearly impossible to come off the street when you are alcohol-dependent. “Don't leave it too late to get help. Tackle addictions before they kill you.” See box p21.

If you are homeless in Scotland, contact Shelter Scotland, see their info on the centre pages of the List. If you are homeless in Glasgow help is at:

Lodging House Mission
35 East Campbell Street, G1 5DT
Tel: 0141 552 0285

The Wayside Club
32 Midland Street, G1 4PR.
Tel: 0141 221 0169

Glasgow City Mission
20 Crimea Street, G2 9PW
Tel: 0141 221 2630