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Morning visit

May 18 2009
Westminster Councillor makes an unannounced visit to a Simon Community soup run Westminster Councillor Angela Harvey, accompanied by a police presence, made an unannounced visit to the Simon Community soup run on Wednesday, 17th January. Westminster City Council confirmed her presence in Milford Lane, of the Strand, but was concerned that it had been misconstrued. Cllr Harvey was there with Westminster Council press officer Paul Marinko and a Sunday Times Magazine journalist who was writing an article on London's rough sleepers. The journalist's name, and the angle and publication date of the story, was not revealed. Two policemen were parked around the corner from Milford Lane. Simon Community staff only found out about the visit from their guests. Tim Nicholls, director of the charity, said that he was keen to work with the council: "We would welcome good effective co-operation with any agency in terms of being able to support the people we meet better and more effectively." He was keen to point out that Cllr Harvey did not need permission to visit the Simon Community. "It is there for anyone who might be hungry or in need of a cup of tea on a cold night," he joked. "I am pleased that she found everyone to be welcoming." Mr Nicholls hoped the journalist's article would aid the work his charity sets out to do: "I understand that she probably saw other soup runs, and I am pleased that more than one charity is involved in trying to help tackle the isolation and hunger that so many people experience on London's streets," he added.