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Housing First

September 01 2019

Liverpool City Region has launched a fast-track housing scheme for the homeless.

Liverpool City Region started its pioneering Housing First programme in July, having secured £7.7million from the government to fund the pilot scheme. The Housing First approach removes the so-called ladder system that homeless people must climb when trying to secure a home.

Instead, homeless people are provided individual housing straight off, as opposed to moving through hostels and shelters. Health, addiction and employment services are made available to every household involved with the programme.

The New Statesman quoted the Metropolitan Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, Steve Rotherham, explaining “Housing First is based on a simple premise, that the first thing homeless people need is a decent place to live.” Similar schemes are being run by Greater Manchester Council and the West Midlands Combined Authority.

  • Finland has a Housing First policy. It is the only country in the EU where homelessness is falling.