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Dead man walking... away

May 20 2009
A man who was thought to be dead has been discovered in New York by his ex-wife, after being sued for anti-social behaviour Rough sleeper Roger Greenlee, 64, was slapped with a $100m lawsuit for passing his days outside an up-market antiques shop on Madison Avenue. The story was aired on US national television. When Elsie Sparks, 60, spotted her former husband, she was 'flabbergasted'. "We've been looking for him for 30 years," she told local news. "I'm glad he's safe and that people care about him. Quite frankly, I thought he was dead." She last saw Mr Greenlee in the late 1970s before he left her and their children, Michelle, now 35, and Dan, now 41. He suffered from a bi-polar disorder, forcing the family to move 20 times in 14 years to find work. Ms Sparks was hurt that Mr Greenlee had no interest in reuniting the family and felt she was being rejected again. "I'm glad he's OK and that he's doing what he wants to," she added. "I guess you would call him a survivor. Obviously, he has done fairly well at doing that."