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Period piece

March 01 2021
Packing period products © JC & SS Packing period products © JC & SS

Meet the team helping to solve tricky periods. Report by Justina Jameson

Tricky Period is based in London and was set up by Caroline Allouf and a small team of volunteers who were already working to support homeless people on the streets of North London for Streets Kitchen. Caroline wanted to address the horror for many women that live on the street and/or are unable to afford basic period products. At Streets Kitchen, Caroline and other volunteers were regularly hearing stories from women with no choice but to shoplift, skip meals and use newspaper to provide their monthly protection.  The gang distribute pads, tampons (with applicators and without), wipes and disposable bags to women’s shelters, refuges and mother and baby units as well as to women living on the streets via breakfast outreach. Tricky Period has also teamed up with ShowerBox, a free and secure shower and changing rooms service that travels around London providing support for the homeless.  Tricky Period works with many council libraries that act as product pick up points for period products to those experiencing homelessness and poverty. The free supplies to libraries enable the women to come and get what they need under a no questions asked policy. Anyone who needs to use the service can tick off the items on a form and hand it over to a librarian.

  • Find the list of where to collect products on
  • More about at St Giles Church, London in the List (centre pages of this month's issue).