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Nell's lightbulb moment

May 01 2021

Nell's salon vision imagined by Ella Meyer

When I was homeless or in any tricky situation I tried to focus on practical results that would make me feel better

Nell's salon vision imagined by Ella Meyer © Ella Meyer

These ideas lie between a dream and something that haunts me quite frequently. When you don’t have a place to call home, you lose the ability to have somewhere warm and clean. And slowly you lose your identity by not being able to have something basic like a haircut, or do something relaxing like getting your nails done.

That’s why I have these two visions: a mobile salon offering free haircuts and manicures; and a tiny house in someone’s garden equipped with a warm bed and shower to help a homeless person with little impact on the host’s own daily life. In today’s society everyone is wrapped up in their own problems, so I want my solutions to be as minimally demanding on others as possible.