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Weighed down

September 01 2021

When you’re homeless, the importance of having somewhere safe to store your stuff can’t be overstated. Sheryle Thomas speaks with members of the team working to make storage easier

When your current situation means you are temporarily homeless and also have no income, it can weigh you down emotionally. You also have to carry all of your worldly possessions around with you daily, which weighs you down physically.

It is difficult to find anywhere to store your possessions securely and without paying for the service, but a charity has come up with a solution to help store your possessions safely and for FREE.

Caroline and Michal, who work for Street Storage, discuss the service they provide 

How can I access Street Storage?

People can go on to the Street Storage website to refer themselves, or any other organisation they are working with can refer them. There is a phone number that we can be contacted on for referrals:
07932 830 440
or our email address is:

Our storage units are for the use of people currently sleeping out, sofa surfing, squatting, for care leavers, people in prison and those fleeing violent home situations.

Where are the storage units and when can I access them?

We have two storage units. We have one close to Tottenham Court Road and one near to Haggerston Overground Station. We can store people's belongings in whichever storage unit is more accessible for them to travel to.

At the moment our drop-in times are:
Haggerston: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 11am–3pm

Tottenham Court Road: Wednesday: 1pm – 3pm

But we can make arrangements outside drop-in times if needed.

How safe are my possessions in your care?

Our buildings are alarmed and also have security-locked doors. We are insured for theft and fire and we ask if you have any valuables e.g. laptops, etc. you are storing so we can list it separately so it will be covered by our insurance. We record and photograph what property you have and its is given a shelf/box number. Only team members access the storage room and will bring out your boxes and record what you have taken or left from your possessions.

What stuff can't you store?

Fresh food as your possessions are stored overnight and we do not want to attract rodents into our buildings. We do not have the capacity to take white goods or furniture through eviction but once rehoused we can support people to access various grants to help them re-furnish their new home. Due to limited space we can take up to six big bags but ask if you need more space.

How long can I store my possessions for?

We agree on a length of time at the start and then review people's personal circumstances when coming close to the end of that period. We can extend our service to them at that point if needed. We understand everyone's personal circumstances are different and we are supportive and compassionate to their circumstances.

Do you offer volunteering opportunities?

Our answer is YES we do offer volunteering positions. At the moment we are a very small team and recognise we need to be more flexible and we are working towards making that happen, in part with the support of volunteers.

Our security guard Michal, who works for Street Storage now, had previously used our service when on the streets, storing his possessions so he could attend any appointments or interviews he had with dignity and without having judgements made about him. He explained how it had given him more confidence and selfrespect not having to carry around his sleeping bag and belongings all day. Michal was offered a volunteer position with Street Storage, then he was offered a paid security guard role. Michal explained how it has helped him move forwards in life. We are all about giving people opportunities and chances to help them get back on their feet. em get back on their feet.