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Intentionally homeless rise

May 20 2009
Communities and Local Government department reveals numbers have trebled The Audit Commission is to change its stance on what constitutes "intentional homelessness" after alarming figures were released by the Communities and Local Government department. The number of people forced to leave temporary accommodation because they were deemed to have made themselves homeless has almost trebled in the last decade, from just over 1,000 to nearly 3,000. It is believed that local authorities have been dissuading people from registering as homeless as a result of the approach followed by the Audit Commission, an organisation that works independently of the Government, although in partnership with local authorities. A spokesperson for the Audit Commission said: "Since the implementation of the key lines of inquiry, there have been significant developments around homelessness; and to reflect the changing housing environment, the Audit Commission intends to propose amendments to its homelessness KLOE in the New Year."