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August 01 2023
Members of the Hub’s class of 2022  © The Simon Community Members of the Hub’s class of 2022 © The Simon Community

Get to know the Hub, a project run by The Simon Community and in partnership with City of Glasgow College. Students are offered the chance to learn a variety of important skills, in a supportive, educational space. Written by staff at The Simon Community

The Hub at The Simon Community is now entering its third year of running college courses with the help of City of Glasgow College. Classes run from the end of August to the end of June, and all are welcome. They offer all sorts of courses from Digital Skills to Improving Wellbeing. You don’t need any qualifications to join, but you will have some when you leave!

Past students have loved working with the team. Amanda really enjoyed the course, learning new things and meeting new people. She said that keeping her mind busy helped her, distracting her from her own head and the challenges she faced daily. Learning about hacking and email scams was a high point for her, as was the weekly IT check-in. Kevin explained that the class was a great introduction to getting back into education, with small classes and down-to-earth lecturers. He’s moved on to permanent employment now and says that the classes were an important part of his journey. Laura recommends the course, as she says that it is welcoming to all, no matter their age group, gender, ethnicity or homeless status. She felt the course was set out in an easy way for everyone to be successful and most have been! This year’s students see the course as an important stepping stone and are really excited about getting their qualifications.

The classes are run by the Community and Widening Access Department at City of Glasgow College, the largest Further Education College in Scotland. They are keen to help those facing barriers to education and the Hub courses are part of their mission to change lives and shape futures. Anna, one of the experienced lecturers there, sees her role as more of a facilitator than a teacher. “The Hub is perfect for this kind of class,” she says. “It provides a safe and welcoming environment for all students.”  The course is supported by Social Work students who have their placement there.  “It wasn’t what I expected, in a good way,” said Chantelle, who is in her first year of studying Social Care at City of Glasgow College. “I learnt more from being with the class than I did from my textbooks. I had no idea what to expect and it has really helped me understand all the different things that affect those experiencing homelessness.”

“It is a start to a better future,” says Angie, a member of Street Team at The Simon Community. “All the folks who attend the classes are making steps in the right direction. The fact that they embrace the structure shows that they are looking for a better path. Structure is an addict’s best friend, and the college classes help with this.”

“A lot of the people we support don’t have anyone to talk to and the classes help with that,” says Skye, another full-time member of the Hub staff. Nicola MacTaggart, curriculum head for the Community and Widening Access department, comments that “Our Education hub has provided a wonderful opportunity to develop person-centred programmes that cater to the unique needs of each individual. We are proud to have welcomed learners from The Simon Community, not only offering them the chance to participate in classes within our hub, but also inviting them to join our weekly Singing Sessions and access all of the facilities within our college.”

The Hub is a great space for these kinds of classes, sharing experiences and starting your journey in education. The courses are flexible and you learn at your own pace – making it more accessible for everyone.

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