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Obituary: Jim Jacobson

May 20 2009
Jim Jacobson ('The Colonel'), 1933-2006 Jim Jacobson ('The Colonel'), 1933-2006
The London Run‘s figurehead, The Colonel, will be sorely missed "Jim learnt about the London Run many years ago, and very soon organised the people around Gerrard's Cross (especially those involved in Churches Together) to provide clothing food, blankets, drink and volunteers for the Monday run. He started at Temple Gardens, moved to the Strand and then over to Waterloo. He wanted every one to be treated equally and the run was well organised, both with the provision of and distribution of the gifts for the run. This was due to his management skills (which earned him his nickname 'The Colonel') and his ability to get and keep many volunteers. "He had a great sense of humour, and was a modest man and a generous man with all his talents. Not only was he chair of the London Run, but he did an enormous amount for the church and village of Chalfont. "He died after a heart attack at home, having just been to church for mass. "At his funeral on 22nd December, there were so many at the church that people were standing in the aisles. It was an impressive turn out (around 200), but no more than he deserved. We will all miss him. "We were sorry the funeral was so soon after his death, as it meant we were not able to invite all who would have wanted to come. I am sure that those who knew him will pray for him, and he in his turn will be looking down on us, reminding God of our needs. I was proud to have been a colleague and a fellow worker on the run." Basil Potter "I was very saddened when I heard the news of Jim's death from a friend returning from the Temple on Monday evening. I had known Jim for over five years and have had many pleasant conversations with him on homeless topics, both in private and on occasion in open forum. "Jim's commitment to the manifold issues and complexities of homeless people, coupled with his compassion on feeding them can only be described as unfaulted. "I would like to offer my deepest condolences to Jim's family and let them know that I know I speak for many homeless people when I say The Colonel will be sadly missed." Michael Rough sleeper, London