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Social housing shortage

May 20 2009
The UK needs more social housing, says Housing Justice A housing advice charity has called for more social housing in the UK, as their government funding is put under threat. The Government has stated that social housing will be a priority for the 2007 Comprehensive Spending Review. However, Housing Justice fears that this will do little to replace approximately 90,000 homes that are lost to the social housing sector each year under the Right to Buy Scheme, which enables local authority tenants of two years to buy their homes at a discount. With house prices now unaffordable for most people on an average wage in the UK, together with lack of available social housing, Housing Justice has said it is concerned for future generations. Luke Evans, spokesman for the charity, said: "There are concerns that Housing Justice may be threatened with funding cuts for housing advice services." Housing Justice would be calling for more money for housing advice alongside more social housing in the UK, he added: "We want to raise the profile of housing advice and present it as the best solution for preventing homelessness. "We believe it is the key in giving people options so that better arrangements can be found before it comes to someone losing their house," he said.