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May 20 2009
Where have the M&S sandwiches gone, a reader asks Dear Editor, I've noticed the distribution of Marks & Spencer sandwiches has changed in my area. Where in some cases the out-of-date and close-date sandwiches and produce were made available to various organisations, I don't see it as much. In fact, there seems to be a complete shut-down in place, excepting perhaps to those organizations that will distribute on the same day of receipt. I've heard the suggestion that an organisation called FareShare is receiving this street-liver's supply and redirecting it? If this is so, where is it going? I suspect long-ago much of this food went to feed pigs, and now I wonder if this food is passing into landfill? I've heard rumours that food is being dyed with chemicals to prevent its consumption. If this is true, it all sounds a bit dog in the manger. Joe West End Dear Joe, There is an organization called FareShare. They are trying to coordinate the food collection for use by homeless services, but whether they are now receiving the M&S food, and if this has affected supply to your usual 'stockists', we can't say yet. Part of FareShare's policy is to environmentally dispose of excess food, as well as that which is no longer fit for human consumption. They do this by use of composting, so no landfill there. We'll forward your letter to FareShare to see if they have a comment, and if they are now the 'middle men' in the equation, it'll be interesting to see how this could effect things. The Editor