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Soup run furore

September 26 2009
Westminster councillor irritates soup runs by questioning their worth The perpetual battle between Westminster City Council and soup runs flared up on 23rd August when Councillor Angela Harvey questioning the work of soup runs on BBC Radio London. Westminster Council alleged that soup runs "keep homeless people on the streets" and maintained its long-held stance that soup run volunteers should redirect their actions to help in other ways. Housing Justice countered this statement, and Alison Gelder, its chief executive, said: "Soup runs can have a positive impact on the lives of many people, particularly the homeless and vulnerable. Soup run volunteers provide not just food but a much needed and regular point of contact to people whose lives are often chaotic. Ideally, soup runs should be a complementary arm of the services available to homeless and vulnerable people." Gelder stressed that for many, including Eastern Europeans in the UK, soup runs are a lifeline. The next Soup Run Forum, to coordinate activity and produce a guide to good practice, will be held on 1st November.