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Pavement fight

September 26 2009
Another rumour is quashed A fight outside a West End hostel in early June highlighted a common problem on the street and in hostels: the dangers of accusations, which often prove false. Readers will know that violence on the street is not uncommon - it is one of the difficulties of street life. Unfortunately, violent outbursts between those on the street also occur, often stemming from rumours. We spoke to Jeremy Nicholas, area manager at St Mungo's, about the outcome of this particular attack. He told us: "An incident where a false accusation was made against one resident by another led to the police being called and the accuser being evicted. If anyone has a concern regarding the behaviour of a fellow resident in their hostel, they should discuss it either with their key worker, or with the project manager. Malicious accusations can put people at risk, and we all have a duty to discourage rumours and misinformation." The Pavement came across the scene soon afterwards, but the blood on concrete still clearly showed the result of "malicious accusations."