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West London Mission funding

May 21 2009
The Mission confirms that it will get a £44,000 central government contribution After publishing news last year that the West London Mission (WLM) was expecting to have their funding withdrawn, The Pavement has discovered that they did in fact receive an central government contribution through Westminster for over £44,000. Paul Thompson, director of social work, said: "We went public [at the time] because their letter turning us down seemed to indicate that we wouldn't get anything at all - neither the Annual Revenue Grant (ARG) nor the ODPM [grant]; however, they did eventually confirm that we would still get the £44,000, which we did." This year, government funding will increase to over £74, 000, as the WLM heard confirmation on the 10th March that they will be also be receiving an ARG grant of £30,000. "We are grateful to Westminster for offering a grant next year of £30,000 for the day centre [WLDC], and in addition, their continuing support for the HART project," said Thompson. Rumours had be circulating that the Homeless Arrest and Reachout Team (HART) was going to be axed, but now it is only losing its 'H,' and will be called the Arrest and Reachout project.