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May 21 2009
A reader thanks Diane Goodkind and the rest of the Great Chapel Street team Dear Editor, I was interested in the item on the counselling awards in the last issue of The Pavement, as I slept in the doorway of Rymans on the Strand after losing a friend, my job and flat, all in a quick two days. My Mum and Dad had left me at the age of four, and I'd never seen them since. As I walked the West End each day, I could feel this very stable man slowly falling apart. Where could I go? Why at 50 was I sobbing for those two people? I had often wondered why people with mental illness just couldn't pull themselves together, and now I knew. After a week or so I found myself sitting on a bench, and I had no idea how I'd got there. Knowing that I'd crossed all the busy roads frightened me, and again I sat and cried for them. I went to Great Chapel Street, demanding to see a doctor, stating that I needed to find out if I was going mad. And this was the start of a year and three months' counselling with Diane Goodkind. It was not going easy, unravelling all those years spent in a system called 'care', and I can see how hard it must have been for Diane to listen. Now all those horror stories are where they should be, still there, but buried. Now, with only one session remaining I thank Diane, and all the team at Great Chapel Street. Bob Gerrard N1 Dear Bob, Thank you for writing such a candid response to a story. The Editor