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Return due at St Martin\'s

September 25 2009
Connection‘s move into posh new premises delayed by building works and funding problems The church of St Martin's-in-the-Field has undergone a massive ¬¨¬£37 million refurbishment project including, as part of The Renewal Project, a revamp of The Connection at St Martin's, a well-known day centre in central London. Unfortunately, the move back into the new and improved No 12 Adelaide Street has been delayed because of complications with the building works and in securing the last few pennies. Helen Garry, director of fundraising & PR at the charity, said the refurbishment costs for the service were a smaller part of the overall project: "The costs for The Connection at St Martin's are ¬¨¬£6.5m out of a total ¬¨¬£37m for The Renewal Project at St Martin's-in-the Field (SMITF). SMITF is managing the capital campaign and has done a brilliant job so far. However it still has ¬¨¬£2m to raise overall." The target for The Connection at St Martin alone is ¬¨¬£150k before the end of March 2008 for fixtures and fittings, furniture for the day and night centres and equipment for the kitchen and medical rooms as well as educational facilities. It is anticipated the return will now take place in early April 2008. In the interim, service users can continue to access all their services from a temporary building in St Martin's Lane. Despite the delay, staff at The Connection at St Martin's remained upbeat about the move. Ms Garry said: "This is an exciting time for us and we are looking forward to being a purpose-built space that is light and airy and which promotes engagement and change."