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Wakefield thugs sentenced

May 21 2009
Three men, including a teenager, have each received a five-year sentence after attacking a homeless man in Wakefield, Yorkshire, last August Kumran Yasin, 20, Craig Thomason, 28, and Mark Haigh, 19, were condemned by a Leeds Crown Court judge for their attack on Phillip Reville, which saw the 61-year-old beaten and his sleeping blanket set alight. Half-an-hour later, the three robbed another victim a short distance away. Judge James Stewart, QC, said: "The public are sick and tired of these sort of offences, which in their mind make places like Wakefield city centre no-go areas." "The worst aspect of this is they picked on a vulnerable man, who was 61 and known to sleep rough. It's one of the most cowardly robberies you can possibly commit."