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Poetry on the Big Issue

May 21 2009
We‘re publishing James McCue‘s poem, written in his creative writing group, in the hope it will produce some debate Another issue It's a horrible thing U must confess Created 2 do good 'N' now it's a mess 'It's not my fault' Or 'It don't matter' Is now their attitude That made it a tatter Made for the homeless People like U Then they got greedy 'N' got the illegal immigrant crew They call it a charity It's not 4 profit What a load of lies 2 which I do spit 10p here 'n' there Now profit to the max I never thought I'd say it But these c**ts should pay tax Started like a dream This wasn't the plan Or are we deluded? Did it start as a scam? Was this their intentions? I don't really know So go back to begging ‚Äö?Ñ??Cos the Issue should go Bring in new management 'N' directors if u can Cos the current regime Smells American James McCue