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Finding 'The Pie Man?'

July 10 2009
Purveyors of fine pies for decades Purveyors of fine pies for decades
Congestion charges have made life more difficult for the Silver Lady Fund‘s food van After we confirmed that the Silver Lady Fund's food van - aka 'The Pie Man' - is still in operation (Letters, Issue 28), we received an enquiry from a reader asking where exactly the van can be found. Unfortunately, we have been unable to speak to its driver, but the secretary of Keith McPherson, one of the charity's trustees, confirmed the van is definitely in operation every morning. It can usually be found either around the Royal Festival Hall or on Southwark Bridge Road, depending on where there are parking spaces. Unfortunately, she could not be more specific as to which part of Southwark Bridge Road. Congestion charging has decreased parking spaces, she added. Therefore, the van can usually be found around 5am, slightly earlier than in previous years. If you've spoken to the driver recently and can pass on any more specific details, do get in touch.