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Jeremy Kyle\'s on the streets

September 25 2009
ITV chat show host to send his assistant to investigate homelessness and spend a night sleeping rough The ranting moral compass that is Jeremy Kyle, of The Jeremy Kyle Show, will be taking his tough love approach to people's problems to the streets of London. In a special edition of his ITV chat show, Mr Kyle will be sending his assistant Graham Stanier to investigate homelessness across the UK and spend a night sleeping rough. Producers also plan to place a hidden camera on a rough sleeper to record the public perception of rough sleeping. A spokesperson for ITV told The Pavement: "While sleeping on the streets, Graham will be speaking to people who are currently homeless about their personal experiences. During this challenge, Graham will be mentored and 'shown the ropes' of sleeping rough by two ex-homeless people, who have managed to turn their lives around." The programme has been arranged with the help of SPEAR, a London-based organisation that helps get people off the streets. The show will feature interviews with SPEAR's director, Ed Tytherleigh, and another ranting moral compass, John Bird of the Big Issue. The makers claim the programme's focus is on getting off the street and changing your life, rather than how homeless people cope with their situation. It is due to be aired early next year.