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Why use journalists?

May 21 2009
The Pavement editor responds to a reader‘s query Editor, Why not ask people who have been homeless rather than journalists to submit stories as they are often distorted, because they have not lived the experience? I have been conducting and training other homeless and former homeless people in peer research. I may add that I was street homeless myself for more years than I wish to count. It's a democratic thing. Tony Dodson, via e-mail Tony, We don't use our readers to write stories for several reasons; the two main ones are: 1 We use professional journalists because they have legal training that prevents this paper getting into hot water when covering stories that are contentious. 2 We don't pay any of our staff and often our writers incur expenses costs in the pursuit of a story, which we cannot reimburse. We believe our method works, but we welcome comment, and would like to see more stories brought our way by readers. If you find a story that needs telling, let us know and we'll be glad to follow it up with your help. If you have a comment on anything from this issue, or you wish The Pavement to feature a particular story, please get in touch. Printed letters win a T-shirt. The Pavement, PO Box 43675, London, SE22 8YL or email: Editor