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Homeless hobbies: No. 3 - big screens

May 21 2009
If you don‘t like being cooped up indoors, watch major sporting and cultural events in the fresh air If you don't like being cooped up indoors to watch TV, get outside and watch on one of the big screens that have been erected around the capital to broadcast major sporting and cultural events. Permanent screens for sport and arts have been put up in the main squares of Liverpool, Manchester, Hull, and Birmingham, and in London they appear on and off, usually in Leicester and Trafalgar Squares. If you didn't catch Wimbledon or the Olympic decision on the big screen, they'll be back soon with a varied mix of golf, cricket and opera over the summer. A must-see has got to be the first night of the Proms in Trafalgar Square on July 15, but the highlight for many is Cricket-in-the-Park - big screens in Regent's Park will show the Lord's Ashes Test Match on July 22 and 23.