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St John's/North Lambeth Day Centre closes for building work

September 26 2009
One of Central London‘s busiest day centres has closed for refurbishment The North Lambeth Day Centre (NLDC), one of Central London's busiest day centres, closed for refurbishment on 26th September. In the meantime, the work with clients will continue from an office base and through outreach services. According to homeless organisation St Mungo's, which manages the centre, the refurbishment will improve the facilities and access to the building, but it is not clear yet whether the services provided will change after the refurbishment. "To better meet the needs of the people who use it, and to make it more accessible, the building needs to be refurbished," said Luton Sinfield, St Mungo's Group Manager. "The services are continually evolving but our commitment to the most excluded will remain and we will continue to focus on local rough sleepers. Whilst the centre is closed we will continue to work with clients from an office base and link up with those on the street via area patrols in liaison with outreach services." The centre, which is funded by the London Borough of Lambeth and St Mungo's, has long being a popular day centre, with practical services such as washing facilities, showers, free clothing store and luggage storage. Lambeth Council said it is supporting the refurbishment, but it refused to say how much money is being spent on the project, adding, 'whilst the maintenance and improvements to the building are taking place the normal services available have been relocated to satellite locations and will be reinstated once complete." People who attend the centre regularly will stll be able to contact the staff through the offices. The centre is expected re-open in December.