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Homeless man found winter warmth in hospital bed

May 22 2009
Who‘s been sleeping in my bed, asks a West London in-patient It's true that hostel spaces are at a premium, and that the Met Office were predicting a harsh winter, but a hospital bed can't be a serious alternative accommodation, particularly in a busy ward. A patient got an unexpected surprise during his recuperation at the Central Middlesex NHS Hospital in Acton, West London this winter. A rough sleeper had wandered into the hospital, dodged all ward security, before tucking himself up for a good night's sleep in a patient's bed. It was up to the patient, Brian Dagger, 64, to raise the alarm with matron after returning to his ward to find the man sound asleep in the bed next to his own. The incident, which took place in October last year, has caused considerable embarrassment to the NHS. The result is that the North West London Hospitals Trust is still investigating the incident - so expect tighter security next time!