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Size does matter in publishing!

September 26 2009
We are following Glamour and becoming a pocket-sized A5 magazine After the Guardian went Berliner and Glamour magazine topped sales lists by fitting inside a handbag, it's time for this paper to redesign and relaunch - as a pocket-sized A5 read. The Pavement will be half the size from next issue, but have over twice the number of pages, in a bid to make it a more convenient read. The new size is being adopted for several reasons, the most influential being the cumbersome nature of the A4 size causing most issues to be folded into pockets. The A5 size will slip into a large jacket pocket with ease. The content will remain the same, with a few additions, including a crossword, readers' comment page and a comic. Watch out for the new Pavement in mid-February.