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St Valentine's 2005 at St Marylebone church

September 26 2009
A year after the church‘s loving gesture, nine of the 17 evicted are still on the streets, two have disappeared and six are in temporary accommodation It was a year ago, on St Valentine‚Äö?Ñ?¥s Day, that St Marylebone Parish Church delivered this letter to those bedding down on its steps. On this festival of Christian love the church told them that it would "no longer allow anyone laying down bedding or sleeping in the Church entrance and surrounding areas or grounds." But the action was taken in concert with several agencies, and was supposed to end with all those present being offered a hostel. But, how many of those moved on from this homeless 'hot spot' are in accommodation now? The Pavement covered the story at the time, and then the Church ignored our requests to discuss the move-on. Now, on its anniversary, it's time to look at what happened to all those moved on and the aftermath of the action; something that is rarely done. Marylebone Joe had kept his letter of eviction, and told this paper that, "between November 04 and the eviction there were 17 people there." Of these, Joe says, nine are still on the streets, two have disappeared and only six are in temporary accommodation. We're now asking are you one of those moved on? If so, get in touch and tell us where you are now, and how did it work out for you? And we'll ask the agencies involved for their views on its outcome.