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Woman comes out of the closet

May 22 2009
A homeless Japanese woman recently emerged from nearly a year hidden in an unused wardrobe A homeless woman was recently arrested for trespassing in a small town in southern Japan, after spending nearly a year hidden in the top compartment of a man's unused closet. Puzzled by food disappearing from his fridge, the resident of the apartment where 58- year old Tatsuko Horikawa was found had set up a security camera that transmitted images directly to his mobile phone. He called the police when saw pictures of someone walking around his home while he was out, and was surprised to know that the woman had taken regular showers and had secreted a mattress and plastic drink bottles in her cubby hole. Police said it was unclear how she managed to enter the home undetected, but suspect she might have been closet-hopping, moving from house to house.