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Homeless tested on in Poland

May 22 2009
A number of homeless people have died in Poland after undergoing medical trials for a vaccine against the bird-flu virus Polish press reported that three doctors and six nurses, from the northern town of Grudziadz, tested the vaccine on more than 350 homeless people last year. The medical staff are now under investigation over the death of 21 people used in the vaccine trial for the highly contagious virus. The incentive for the victims to be tested for the vaccine is said to have been between £1 and £2, and it is thought that they had been told the medicine they were taking was a common flu vaccine. While investigators have yet to prove the link between the tests and the deaths, health authorities have said that the doctors and nurses should not return to their profession. The suspects reject the claim that the people who were tested did not know they were being given a bird-flu vaccine.