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Public to put up rough sleepers

May 23 2009
Help us by putting up homeless youngsters, asks Teesside charity A homeless charity this month called for potential hosts willing to offer homeless youngsters on Teesside a bed for the night to get in touch. Nightstop Teesside made the pressing plea after receiving a large increase in demand for their Crash-Pad Supported Lodgings Scheme in which volunteers provide long-term accommodation to homeless people for a few months to a year. Ruth Fox, manager of Nightstop Teesside, explained: "There are very few housing providers in this area, and those that there are, are generally bed-blocked due to lack of move-on accommodation, especially for under 25s. "If we do not have sufficient hosts, then potentially young people are sleeping rough - either outside or on friends' floors." The charity has 18 operating hostels across England which provide short- and long-term accommodation to young people with a range of needs. But due to huge demand, Nightstop continues to use the community involvement element of the charity to generate beds. Sue Trenerry, manager of parent organisation Depaul Nightstop UK, said: "As Nightstop schemes are operating all over the UK, the range of services for young people is wide. In some areas, there are many choices for young people; and in some areas, there are none or very few. "In the last year, Nightstop schemes offered more than 5,000 bed-nights to homeless young people. New schemes continue to develop and existing schemes continue to develop into neighbouring areas." Depaul Nightstop was founded in 1989 and is the largest charity for young people in the UK.